Extract and translate.

Every homeowner has their own style and personality that’s unique to them. But the expression of these defining elements can be difficult, if not daunting, to realize. It takes a special talent and collaborative ability to encourage someone to think beyond their own boundaries. Together we will find your style, challenge your creativity and imagine new possibilities. You’ll even have fun during the process.

The process.

My role in your interior reinvention is to orchestrate the process. That means selecting, managing and then supervising the best tradespeople available. Next, procuring the fabrics, furnishings and accessories that make your heart sing. And finally, staying organized, and insuring that your children’s college fund stays intact.

Let’s do this.

Give me a call or drop me a line. I’m always available for coffee.

Barbara DeSalvo

Denver Interior Design, DeSalvo Adamson Design Associates

DeSalvo Adamson Design Associates