Imaginative textiles

Items that you already own can be the impetus to begin a window treatment. From there a room can follow. The whole house may not be far behind.  

Denver Interior Design Inspiration: colorful curtains and blankets

Art objects

Art is often provocative, amusing, or reminiscent. It gives us a sense of place or can set a place in time. Do you know what draws you to it? Maybe you just like the colors. 

Interior Design Inspiration: peaches, pinks, modern octopus and classic painting



Interior design inspiration is everywhere and as individual as fingerprints. It can come from very simple things. This photo of iris inspired artist Sara Ashford’s interpretation for a wonderful piece of art for a client’s powder room. The room further evolved to a hand blown glass sink placed on a natural root base. The plumber thought we were all crazy.


Remember the feeling that you had the first time you ever saw one? Wonder. Children are open and their impressions are not usually filtered. 

interior design inspiration


Real or costume, added to a neutral outfit does the same thing as floral fabric added to a neutral room. They burst forth.

Interior Design Inspiration from your jewelry